An eighteen year old thought machine with voluntary insomnia, a need to travel, and a bad case of the "Rhyme-a-lots".
My organs glow in the dark.


Woman with a Head of Roses, 1935 — Salvador Dali 
Strange things happen when you stay up all night writing 10 page essays.

4 out of 7 pages. 5 out of ten body paragraphs. class in 1 hour. middle fingers flashin’ at chu, english 201.


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The Dress Looks Nice On You by Sufjan Stevens [lyrics]

I can see a fireside turn blue
And I can see the lot of life in you
Yes, I can see a lot of life in you

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Under the placating gaze of repression, I sit. A stump of a tired tree stripped raw by storms. Never fall in love with the world through another person’s eyes. 

Maybe I’ve been too stable. Too “fine”. Too distracted by the teeth marks I’ve placed in my future- a trait called ambition. Too anxious to finally run 500 miles from you, forcing the distance like it was my own idea in the first place. I’m learning a lesson in the cyclic nature of things. I still can’t pinpoint the moment I dragged my footsteps away from yours: the conscious decision of separation and the unconscious depletion of hope. Don’t follow me, don’t follow me, don’t follow me while you’re so oblivious to the fact that the path you walk was carved as my escape route. I’m scared of this plot twist. It would be so easy to collapse back into our unwritten story. I’ve floated over this battlefield, unaware of my fragility, and you, unaware of the war you’ve caused.

Jimmy was also very nearsighted. He could barely see four feet in front of him. He thought that it helped him tremendously as an actor because he had to imagine everything that was happening beyond that point. I remember sitting in the commissary at Warner Bros. at a table with Jimmy and Natalie, and Dick Davalos, who played Jimmy’s brother in East of Eden, came and joined our party. I thought Jimmy was being very rude to Davalos. He didn’t say hello and didn’t acknowledge his presence. When Dick started having a conversation with Natalie, Jimmy said, “Davalos, is that you?” Dick said, “Yea, its me,” sarcastically. Jimmy said, “Wow man, its you,” and he got up and hugged him. “I couldn’t see you man, I left my glasses in the trailer.” I’m not sure whether Davalos, who had been sitting at the table for ten minutes, ever believed him or thought he was just doing a number. - Dennis Hopper

future tattoo

Salvador Dali, Summer.

Unidentified boy reads.

A boy sits reading in a bombed bookstore, London. October 8 1940